The benefits of independent baseball

Clemen: Malcolm Kelner, a baseball enthusiast from the Twin Cities, discusses the way independent baseball provides a fun and cheap way to catch some live sports action.

Kelner: Ive been to several St. Paul Saints games and independent games. I went to a few this summer of those Northwoods League games. So those are definitely very fun to go to, because they’re like you mentioned before, the tickets are cheap the food is cheap you get to sit right down next to the field and it’s just a good time.

Clemen: Kelner also discusses his trip to Wisconsin where he saw a Northwoods team was integrated into the community and supported by the members of the town.

Kelner: As far as independent ball I saw when I went to that Northwoods League series this summer in Wausau Wisconsin, the team definitely had a very strong connection with the city. The ballpark was literally built right in a city block so there’s a couple houses, the ballpark and then a couple more houses on the street. So it’s very right in there right in the middle of a suburban town and you can see how the town really supports the team and the team and the town really feed off each other. There’s a lot of signage for the team in the surrounding area, there’s a lot of flags with the Wisconsin Woodchucks is the team name, just all around the area and you can tell the team really is supported by the surrounding community and the community is proud to have that stadium there and the team there. Which obviously provides an extra element of excitement to the city.

Clemen: For Hometown Nine, I’m Jacob Clemen.


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