Bases Loaded

Each week this section will feature three stories from around the baseball world and a preview of the weekly story in the works. Each base will focus on a different facet of the game. First base will focus on news from college and amateur baseball, second base will feature an update from the world of minor league and independent ball and third base will feature  interesting news from any level of America’s pastime.

First Base- The Kansas Jayhawks finished its fall scrimmage schedule Friday. It marked the end of the 10 extra practices the team was granted for its upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic. Kansas will not play again until Dec. 16 against the Dominican team of the Kansas City Royals.

Second Base- The Minnesota Twins upgraded its minor league crop by trading center fielder Denard Span to the Washington Nationals for top pitching prospect Alex Meyer. The tall right-hander will join Kyle Gibson and Alex Wimmers as contenders to reach the major league club in the next two seasons.

Third Base- Alex Rodriguez needs hip surgery the New York Yankees announced today. Rodriguez first had concerns about his midway through the season and alerted the Yankees in the postseason after he was benched for Raul Ibanez who heroically lifted New York to the American League Championship Series.



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