Bases Loaded

Each week this section will feature three stories from around the baseball world and a preview of the weekly story in the works. Each base will focus on a different facet of the game. First base will focus on news from college and amateur baseball, second base will feature an update from the world of minor league and independent ball and third base will feature  interesting news from any level of America’s pastime.

First Base- Vanderbilt University earned the top-ranked recruiting class in the nation for the second straight year. It marks only the second time a team has more than two top classes and the first time it occurred in consecutive years.

Second Base- The Association of Minor League Umpires reelected Shaun Francis for his third consecutive term as president of the association. Francis ran unopposed in the election to return as the head of the umpire’s union.

Third Base- All-star third baseman Evan Longoria signed a six-year $100 million contract extension with the Tampa Bay Rays. The contract will keep Longoria in a Rays uniform through the 2022 with a club option for 2013. The 27-year- old Longoria only played in 74 games last season due to a hamstring injury.


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