Multicultural and LGBT education at KU

Educational programs on diversity in culture and sexual orientation are important for creating an open and accepting college campus. Here are some ways that KU is ensuring that those who want to get educated and involved have that opportunity.

Clemen: Blane Harding, the director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at the University of Kansas, speaks on education and awareness at KU.

Harding: There are awareness months almost every single month: Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Month, there’s a Queers and Allies Month. So people have the opportunity on this campus to educate themselves if they really want to educate themselves. You don’t necessarily have to go to somebody else to get educated because these things are widely publicized everywhere around campus.

Clemen: Michael Detmer, coordinator of the LGBT Resource Center discusses the ways that students, faculty and members of the Lawrence community can get involved or get education on the LGBT movement.

Detmer: Safespace is generated for students. It’s sort of a shorter, condensed version of Safezone and it’s also a LGBT Allie training specifically for students. So anyone from student groups to resident hall communities or different floors in residence halls to specific classes within a major, those students can reach out to Queers and Allies, which is the LBGT student group and discuss possibly having somebody come in to teach the Safespace training which is again, LGBT ally training that talks about gender identity and sexual orientation.


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