Bases Loaded

Each week this section will feature three stories from around the baseball world and a preview of the weekly story in the works. Each base will focus on a different facet of the game. First base will focus on news from college and amateur baseball, second base will feature an update from the world of minor league and independent ball and third base will feature  interesting news from any level of America’s pastime.

First Base- The Kansas Jayhawk baseball team concluded its fall slate of scrimmages over the weekend. The team will hold ten more practices before its trip to the Dominican Republic.

Second Base- Top-ranked prospect Ryan Adams was suspended 25 games for a positive drug test. Adams is an infielder in the Baltimore Orioles’ organization and was on the 40-man roster last season.

Third Base- The Kansas City Royals acquired right-handed pitcher Ervin Santana from the Los Angeles Angels for a relief pitcher. Santana has a career 4.08 ERA but posted a poor 5.16 ERA last season. He is owed $13 million next season.

Stepping into the box- A completed video multimedia package to come tomorrow and a graphic on the cost of baseball later this week.


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