High school pitching routine

High school is an important time for pitcher to make sure they keep their arm healthy to avoid Tommy John surgery. Each player and team has their own routine to ensure a healthy arm. Here is an example.

Clemen: High school pitcher Eric Huss explains the way that he keeps his arm healthy.

Huss: I start out with just stretching out my arm before I even throw just to make sure everything is stretched out. Then I start with some short toss and keep tossing until I get really far away and stretch it out all the way. I don’t throw anything besides a changeup or a fastball grip until I’m fully stretched out and then once you get closer in I can start practicing other pitches like curveballs so I don’t hurt my elbow or my arm trying to do that.

Huss: For my pitching warm up, we start off by, we do four fastballs in the top left corner and each corner of the box and then after that we do changeups to each corner and then I finish off with curveballs to each corner of the box

Huss: After the game I always jog awhile just to get my blood flowing through my arm and then I ice when I get home and usually don’t throw until the next day when I do some long-toss.

Huss: I usually do band work to strengthen my arm and certain balance practices and all sorts of things to help strengthen my arm and keep it healthy and then every, once a week or twice a week, I do a bullpen to keep my arm and everything good.

Clemen: For Hometown Nine, I’m Jacob Clemen


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