Bases Loaded

Each week this section will feature three stories from around the baseball world and a preview of the weekly story in the works. Each base will focus on a different facet of the game. First base will focus on news from college and amateur baseball, second base will feature an update from the world of minor league and independent ball and third base will feature  interesting news from any level of America’s pastime.

First Base- The Kansas Jayhawks baseball team resumed scrimmages last weekend with two games. The Crimson team won on Saturday but surrendered the split to the Blue team.

Second Base- Minor League umpires reached an agreement with to make it the sole supplier of umpiring uniforms for the Minor Leagues.

Third Base- The Boston Red Sox acquired John Farrell from the Toronto Blue Jays by trading infielder Mike Aviles. Farrell will replace Bobby Valentine who was fired following a disappointing season for the Red Sox.

Stepping into the box- This week will feature a video on the great tantalizing postseason so far.


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