Bases Loaded

Each week this section will feature three stories from around the baseball world and a preview of the weekly story in the works. Each base will focus on a different facet of the game. First base will focus on news from college and amateur baseball, second base will feature an update from the world of minor league and independent ball and third base will feature  interesting news from any level of America’s pastime.

First Base- The KU baseball team began their fall scrimmages last weekend. The NCAA granted the team an extra ten practice days because they are taking a trip to Dominican Republic. The team also began tryouts this week for walk ons.

Second Base- Major League Baseball announced the details of the 2013 World Baseball Classic including locations, qualifying pools and tournament formats. Three different U.S cities will host games over all three rounds. The tournament will also feature round- robin and double elimination play.

Third Base- Adam Greenberg, a former Chicago Cubs player, will appear in an MLB game for the first time in seven years on Tuesday. He will play for the Miami Marlins, the same organization that he played against when he was struck in the head by a pitch and forced out of the Majors.

Stepping into the box- No story for this week!


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